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HMS School for Children With Cerebral Palsy


On the Other Side of the Fence is both a documentary and the name of an original musical that has been performed for 30 years. It is a story about building community, accepting differences, building friendship & embracing diversity. It is a collaboration of two programs and features students from the HMS School for Children With Cerebral Palsy, a NAPSEC Member located in Philadelphia, PA. Enjoy!





The White House Recognizes Ivymount Social Cognition Instructional Package (IvySCIP)

Ivymount leading the way in the next generation of education assessments


The Ivymount Social Cognition Instructional Package (IvySCIP) was one of eight innovative education assessment projects recently singled out for attention by the White House.


Designed in partnership with award-winning research and development company 3C Institute and funded by the Small Business Innovation Research program at the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences, IvySCIP has been created to address President Obama’s call to overhaul the testing and assessment of students.


IvySCIP is a comprehensive tool for enabling practitioners to assess the social and emotional learning needs of elementary students diagnosed with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder.  IvySCIP assesses five key social competencies: self-knowledge and self-advocacy, social interaction, emotional regulation, executive skills and problem solving, and self-care.


Described by the White House as one of the “next generation of assessments in education,” IvySCIP has been piloted by more than 50 teachers and related service providers and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Reports generated from IvySCIP help educators prioritize instruction, develop Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), and track student growth and progress toward meeting goals.


IvySCIP co-author, Eve Müller, explains that IvySCIP is the first product of its kind to support teachers through all aspects of social learning instruction for students with higher functioning autism. “Social learning is an area where teachers often don’t know where to begin,” says Müller. “IvySCIP addresses this need head on, starting with assessing the strengths and needs of students.”


As the emphasis on the importance of children’s social and emotional learning (SEL) in education increases, IvySCIP has enabled Ivymount staff to share their wealth of autism expertise with the field more broadly.


“Eve Müller, Lynn Cannon, and Melissa Cherry have taken some of the best Ivymount SEL programming and assessments, and designed the IvySCIP in response to that need,” says Jan Wintrol, CEO, Ivymount Corporation. “It is an outstanding achievement that the IvySCIP was recognized as worthy of a Federal Grant from the Department of Education to develop this product for educators nationally. Hats off to these women.”


Click here to learn more about IvySCIP

The R&D described here was supported by the Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education, through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program contract ED-IES-16-C-0015 to 3C Institute. The opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not represent views of the Institute or the U.S. Department of Education.  -ENDS-


For further information, please contact Andy Gilmore, Coordinator of Communications and Public Relations for the Ivymount School and Programs, at agilmore@ivymount.org or (301) 469-0223 x135.


About Ivymount: Founded in 1961, Ivymount has spent more than 55 years developing inno­vative programs and comprehensive support services to meet the specific and complex learning, therapeutic, and behavioral challenges of students with disabilities whose needs cannot be met in public school systems.  Since its founding, the School has served over 8,000 students, ages 4-21, with learning disabilities, speech and language impairments, intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders.   In 2013, the Ivymount Corporation was established as the non-profit parent company of the various Ivymount supported organizations including Ivymount School,  Maddux School, Ivymount Outreach Programs, Inc. (Outreach and Endeavors), and Ivymount at The Stevens School (DC-based program).







Lord Stirling School

99 Lord Stirling Road
Basking Ridge , NJ 07920

Lord Stirling School Music Program

Alternate Approaches • Individual Attention • A Chance to Succeed


My name is Shakoor Corprew but my friends call me Shak. I’m a 17 year old senior at Lord Stirling School in Basking Ridge NJ. As long as I can remember I have loved music. As a child, I would always sing and dance all around the house. I was first exposed to music at Lord Stirling when my teacher gave me a guitar. Then, about 2 years ago I began taking songwriting and instrument classes.


This is my story. Everything in my life hasn’t always been that great but so far music is the one thing that keeps me grounded and balanced. In 2012, I ran into a few legal challenges that made me feel like my future was quite dim. I worked through those problems one day at a time. Eventually, the court drama and troubles were no more.


I found that writing my feelings and connecting those feelings through music composition helped me realize that I can be stronger and I really can make it through anything in life.


In 2013, I composed and copyrighted my first song called “Just Love”.

I’m finding that writing music keeps me positively occupied, very creative and it keeps me from many negative activities.


I believe every student and every person should have an outlet in their life - like music. When I write my feelings through music I feel a happiness and satisfaction that I’ve never known before.


For the first time, I look forward to studying music in college and making a wonderful future for myself and my family!

Preparing Teens for Adulthood is the Goal!


Our  primary  goa at  Lord  Stirling  School  is  to prepare  teens  for  adulthood.  Participation in LSS Works, which offers community-based  work  experiences,   is one  way   to   accomplish                      this  goal.  This year, we were fortunate to make a connection  with  staff   at   Furniture  Assist,   a    warehouse-based    charity    that    distributes    donated    furniture    to    needy  families.


At  this  site,  LSS  students  organized  donations,  dismantled  or  demolished  damaged  furniture, unloaded trucks and helped and wrenches as well as larger tools like moving carts and hand trucks. Participants were taught how to lift heavy objects safely and utilize a sledge hamn1er efficiently.  Most importantly, they  came  to  understand  the  wide  variety  of  ways  that  materials  could  be  reused  or  recycled.


Beyond these job specific  skills,  our  students  have  benefitted  from  consistent  exposure  to  a small group of dedicated volunteers who have generously offered their  services  to help  this charity accomplish its goals. These individuals have shared personal anecdotes about their own careers, explained the purposes of some of the more unusual objects that have been donated and provided encouragement  when  our  young  people  experienced  challenges  and accomplishments.


The benefits of our partnership with Furniture Assist have extended beyond those students who are directly involved with its operation. They have provided furniture and other household items to families of LSS students who were in great need of this type of support. Moreover, one of the Furniture Assist volunteers led a community service effort at our school that resulted in a paint job for our buildings and some repairs to our gym. Overall, this experience has taught our students that efforts put forth at a job  may sometimes provide a pay-off that  is not monetary, but often, just  as valuable.


Phone: 973-772-260

Web Site: http://www.passaiccountyelkscpc.org

1481 Main Avenue
Clifton , NJ 07011




ScenicView Academy
Address: 5455 North River Run Drive Provo , UT 84604
Phone: 801-226-2550
Web Address: http://www.svacademy.org

  ScenicView Academy


ScenicView Academy went through a time of transition this past June with the retirement of two of our amazing staff: JayDee Anderson – maintenance coordinator, and Doug Gale – Executive Director. JayDee served us very well and was so skilled at working with our students. Doug Gale was an amazing director who has helped guide us to be what we are today. We know that many of you knew Doug Gale and interacted with him through the NAPSEC organization. We are pleased that he was recently appointed to serve as one of our Board of Trustees.


We are glad to welcome Andrew Sutherland, who was in our Employment department, as our new maintenance coordinator, and Marty Matheson, who was the Clinical Services Unit Manager, as our new Executive Director. Many are familiar with Marty as he is a member of the NAPSEC Conference Committee.



Life at ScenicView - a brief video, including some drone footage of the campus. We invite you to view it. It can be found on the home page of our website: http://www.svacademy.org/


ScenicView Academy students did three performances in June of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing”, with Beatles song throughout. We had over 500 people from the community who attended and it was extremely entertaining and very well received. The students worked very hard for 9 months on the project and they received many very high compliments about how great the production was. The following is a link to the article about the event: http://www.heraldextra.com/news/community/much-ado-about-something-special-education-school-to-perform-shakespeare/article_0507d2a5-4c19-5db2-bb42-2baba294da22.html


We also recently hosted a day camp for individuals from the community to participate in some of our programming for the day. The following is a link to the article about our day program: http://www.heraldextra.com/news/community/their-voice-young-adult-day-camp-held-for-those-with/article_5a0c35e4-66f1-51ba-83e4-f384cb670c4d.html


ScenicView has also been working closely with one of our nearby universities, Utah Valley University, to help them as they develop programming for young adults with autism, through a program called Passages. The following is a link to the article about the efforts being made by UVU: http://www.heraldextra.com/news/local/education/college/uvu/uvu-officially-announces-plans-for-autism-center/article_de84bc74-722b-5093-80d8-25c27b0ea14a.html






Kennedy Krieger Schools: Montgomery County Campus
Address: 12301 Academy Way • Rockville, MD 20852
Phone: (443) 923-9200
Email: info@kennedykrieger.org
Web Address: http://www.kennedykrieger.org


Kennedy Krieger





7th Grader Jake Edwards Helps Train Montgomery County Police; His Mother Leads Group Advocating for schools and services for special needs students and will take part in Crisis Intervention Training in Carroll County, Maryland and in the state of North Carolina. He has been featured in national publications, spoken to college graduate classes, churches, conferences, autism events, and educators at the Maryland Statehouse, as well as live television.


Kennedy Krieger School in Montgomery County student Jake Edwards received an award from Vice President Joe Biden for his work educating police about people with autism. The White House honored seven pairs of young people and law enforcement officials as “Champions of Change” who are building bridges between youth and law enforcement, while improving public safety.


Jake Edwards is a seventh grade student at Kennedy Krieger School in Montgomery County who closed out the month of September with what might be considered the best week ever! During a September 21st ceremony, Jake was named a “Champion of Change” by the White House and recognized for his work educating law enforcement about autism. Jake met Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Vice President Joe Biden and participated in a panel discussion with law enforcement officials from across the country. Two days later, Jake had the opportunity to meet the Pope during his visit to Washington, D.C. To top it off, Jake’s week was highlighted during a recent “Good Morning America" episode.  He was recently named Autism Ambassador for Montgomery County Police Department during its annual Autism Night Out event, which aims to teach law enforcement about individuals with autism. His appointment to this position came after his own experiences with police when he felt very scared. Jake overcame his fear and is now educating other law enforcement agencies on how to respectfully interact with friends with autism and identify their challenges.


He has been invited to help train the newest round of police cadets in Montgomery and Prince Georges

vision appearances.



Jake’s mother, Jennifer Lynn, is a co-chair of the Friends of MANSEF (MD CASA Member).  The Friends of MANSEF serve in an advisory capacity to the MANSEF Board of Directors to address matters of family involvement and communication and act as a core group of advocates to help educate government leaders, policy makers and members of the public about the educational needs of children with disabilities. Ms. Lynn also operates Upcounty Community Resources for adults. 



Kennedy Krieger School:  Montgomery County serves students with intellectual disability and autism in grades 2 through 8 ages 7 to 21.


Kingsway Learning Center
Contact: Kate Wilhelmi
Address: 144 Kings Highway West, Haddonfield, NJ 08033
Phone: 856-428-8108
Email: kwilhelmi@kingswaylearningcenter.org
Web Address: www.kingswaylearningcenter.org


Kingsway Learning Center Logo



At Kingsway Learning Center, excellence comes in many forms. The innovation of a teacher … the gentle encouragement of a friend … the one-on-one interaction between a student and an aide ... the introduction of a transformative computer program. That’s why every donation is vital to Kingsway and goes directly to helping our students.

The Phoenix Center
Contact:  Marc Restaino
Address:  16 Monsignor Owens Place, Nutley, NJ 07110
Phone:  973-542-0743 ext. 340
Email: mrestaino@thephoenixcenternj.org
Web address: http://www.thephoenixcenternj.org


Phoenix Logo


We’re so proud to share news of our all-new, adaptive playground!  Featuring a Bankshot Basketball area that, according to their website, consists of “a course of angled, curved and non-conventionally configured brightly colored backboards," where students of all ability levels can participate fully.  Containing five unique movement zones, this beautiful area will now be used to facilitate physical education, therapeutic intervention, and instruction. 


Co-founder and Executive Director of the Phoenix Center, Dr. Geraldine Gibbia says of the playground, “Not only is this outdoor play space a great way for our students to build strength, flexibility and coordination, it is a way for them to learn how to build friendships.” 


We’re very excited to see how our students, educators, and specialists utilize this new inclusive playground equipment while integrating it into our physical education program.



Funders for the space include Columbia Bank Foundation, Hyde & Watson, Nicholas Martini Foundation, Norman & Bettina Roberts Foundation, and the Provident Bank Foundation, along with donated materials and labor from Railroad Construction. 


We opened our playground with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and demonstration featuring our funders, staff, and students.  It was a beautiful, fun-filled day!  Here are some examples of press coverage of the event, and also social media mentions:


West Orange Patch:  http://patch.com/new-jersey/westorange/ribbon-cutting-ceremony-celebrates-official-opening-new-playground-phoenix-center/


NJ.com (Nutley Sun)


Columbia Bank New Jersey


Phoenix Center Facebook


Provident Bank Facebook


About the Phoenix Center:
The Phoenix Center is an accredited, not-for-profit school serving the educational, behavioral and therapeutic needs of students ages 5-21 with autism, multiple disabilities, behavioral and intellectual disabilities.  Our customized evidence-based programs—developed for each student—are anchored by a hands-on, real-life, community-based instruction model.

Our accredited classroom and community-based instructional programs are built around the “whole child.”  Our NJ Dept. of Education-approved school works closely with districts, professionals, and parents to develop programs (communication, behavioral and social) tailored to meet the specific academic and functional needs of each child.  Our teachers and related service providers are highly qualified, certified and/or licensed.  We employ a range of educational and therapeutic methods to meet each child at his/her particular stage of development and help students prepare for life beyond The Phoenix Center, which is at the core of our mission.


By pulling from each child’s innate gifts, we help them rise, like the ancient phoenix, above their challenges to build confidence and achieve greater fulfillment and success in the world.


Woods Services
Contact: Alyson Komyanek
Address: P.O. Box 36 - Langhorne, PA 19047-0036
Phone: (215) 750-4000
Email: akomyanek@woods.org
Web address: http://www.woods.org



Woods Services Expands Vocational Opportunities

The next time you visit the Woods Services campus, you may notice a new addition—a little shop called the Common Grounds Cafe. Located at 50 Woods Drive in Langhorne, Common Grounds is a coffee and convenience shop staffed by individuals served by Woods Services. Employees are responsible for stocking shelves, taking inventory, assisting customers, operating the register and cleaning—experience that can later be applied to employment within the community. The new and improved shop replaces a coffee kiosk which was located in the organization’s Employee Training Center.


The cafe offers breakfast sandwiches, bagels, and cereal for breakfast, and a fresh salad bar, soup, sandwiches and wraps for lunch. In addition, the store carries Woods’ apparel and sweet treats, such as ice cream and candy bars. The store is open Monday thru Friday from 7:30AM until 4:30PM and is open to the public—if you’re ever in the area, a Common Grounds Café employee would be happy to serve you!



Allendale Association

Phone: 888-255-3631

Web Site: http://www.allendale4kids.org

P.O. Box 1088

Grand Avenue & Offield Drive

Lake Villa, IL 60046





Brehm Preparatory School
Contact: Charity L. Finley
Address: 950 S. Brehm Lane Carbondale, IL 62901
Phone: (618) 457-0371
Email: charity.finley@brehm.org
Web address: http://www.brehm.org/



Brief Overview of what's been happening at Brehm Preparatory School


June 2015

Brehm’s Foundation hosted the 2015 Southern Illinois Music Festival and the New Chicago Chamber Orchestra. The event included music such as: Wind and String Quintet by Prokofiev, Souvenir de Florence String Sextet by Tchaikovsky, String Quartet by Borodin and an Overture from Pulcinella by Stravinsky.


July 2015

Brehm Preparatory School’s 2015 summer program “Game of Stones” offered adventures in geology and environmental geoscience. Students uncovered the secrets of beautiful southern Illinois while participating in challenges that encouraged active and engaged learning in a safe guided environment.  Students explored waterfalls, creeks, natural rock formations zip-lining through national forests and became one with nature as they roughed it in the wild woods of southern Illinois without technology!


About the Program:

Adventurers enrolled at Brehm Preparatory School’s Summer Program come with a variety of challenges to academic, social or emotional success including, but not limited to Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Nonverbal Learning Disability (NLD), Pervasive Developmental Disorder/ Asperger’s Disorder, Communication Disorders, Auditory Processing Disorders, Processing and Memory Deficits, Tourette Syndrome, Anxiety, and Specific Learning Disability; defined as a disorder in one or more of the basic psychological processes involved in understanding or in using language, spoken or written, that may manifest itself in an imperfect ability to listen, think, speak, read, write, spell, or to do mathematical calculations, including conditions such as perceptual disabilities, brain injury, minimal brain dysfunction, dyslexia, and developmental aphasia.


If you are interested in attending Brehm’s 2016 Summer Program and your child is 12-18 years old visit www.summer.brehm.org today!


August 2015

Brehm hosted an event featuring nationally recognized speaker Sarah Ward, M.S., CCC-SLP in August of 2015.  Sarah taught special educators, teachers, SLP‘s, psychologists, parents and professionals hands-on practical strategies to improve Executive Function skills.  Event attendees left the event with new ideas and strategies to help better assist clients, students, or their own children.


The seminar is all about provided practical, hands-on activities for both beginners and advanced learners!  From task initiation and execution to time management, learn how to use strategies such as “Future Sketch“, “Get Ready, Do, Done“, “STOP and Read the Room“, and seeing and sensing the passage of time.  Along with learning hands-on and ready-to-use strategies, workshop participants are now able to define Executive Function Skills and Executive Dysfunction.  They learned how situational awareness, self-talk, forethought and episodic memory are the foundational skills for successful task evaluation. 

Activities focused on updating participants‘ knowledge, increasing their understanding of concepts and applications, and promoting evidence-based practice.  For each strategy there were examples for elementary, middle and high school aged students. Through the strategies discussed, participants learned how student’s executive function skills advance with age.  It can be helpful to understand the strategies that are used for each developmental age, because EF is an age-related skill and often children exhibit a developmental delay in the acquisition of these skills.


About the presenter: Sarah has over 17 years experience in diagnostic evaluations, treatment and case management of children, adolescents and adults with a wide range of brain based learning difficulties and behavioral problems. As a popular speaker, Sarah regularly presents nationally and internationally on the topic of executive functions to a variety of professional and parent organizations. Her innovative and effective treatment approaches have been featured on National Public Radio and she is the recipient of multiple awards, including the Massachusetts General Hospital Expertise in Clinical Practice Award and Faculty in Excellence Award, 2005 and 2011.


Brookfield Academy
Contact: Carole Ambrose
Address: 1009 Berlin Road, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
Phone: 856-795-8228 Ext. 228
Email: cambrose@brookfieldschools.org
Web address: www.brookfieldschools.org



Welcome to “Cub Chillville”

Brookfield Elementary’s New Multi-Sensory Room


One of the many exciting things happening at Brookfield Elementary is the development of a multi-sensory room. Staff and students have begun using the variety of multi-sensory equipment that has been included in Brookfield Elementary’s “Cub Chillville.” In an effort to support the mission of Brookfield Schools, it is believed that the implementation of the multi-sensory room will provide an innovative, practical, and effective therapeutic experience for the student population that we serve. “Cub Chillville” was designed to create a stimulating and calming atmosphere, depending on the needs of our students, through each of their senses. The inclusion of specific multi-sensory equipment and activities in our room will be adapted to meet the specific sensory needs of each individual student at Brookfield. Some of our students are sensory over-responders who are hypersensitive to sensory input, while some of our students are sensory under-responders who have lower levels of energy and difficulty arousing their nervous system. Our multi-sensory room will provide the tools to benefit both over-responders and under-responders.


Why the name, “Cub Chillville”? Well, Brookfield Academy’s mascot is the Wolf, so it seemed natural for Brookfield Elementary’s mascot to be a Wolf Cub. So, our Cubs go to chill at Cub Chillville!


There are many benefits of a multi-sensory room in the educational setting. Our multi-sensory room will create a safe space for students, facilitate therapeutic relationships, and improve relationships between staff and students. Additionally, students can develop skills that can be used outside of the multi-sensory environment and help to improve their self-awareness. The use of our multi-sensory environment, as well as the skills and techniques learned, provides Brookfield staff with additional tools to proactively reduce the use of seclusion and restraints throughout our school.


All the students at Brookfield Elementary will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of “Cub Chillville” throughout their time at Brookfield. We look forward to the addition of “Cub Chillville” and adding to the positive experience we strive to provide our students here at Brookfield.






The Harbour School at Annapolis and Baltimore
Contact: Linda Jacobs
Address: 1277 Green Holly Drive Annapolis, MD 21409
Phone: 443-394-3760
Email: ljacobs@harbourschool.org
Web address: www.harbourschool.org



Harbouring Hope for Hunger Wins Again!

Winning $25,000 for Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland in 2014 was not enough for Baltimore’s Harbouring Hope for Hunger team. Siri Llamas and her team of students have done it again! They are now the first team ever to win Lead2Feed twice, the Yum Foundation’s nationwide service learning contest, challenging schools around the country to end hunger.


Ms. Llamas involved the entire school in participating in Hear the Maryland Crunch! They joined thousands of others around the state as they crunched into an apple together to spread the word that every child in Maryland should have access to a healthy breakfast (MarylandHungerSolutions.org).Lead2Feed was so inspired by this event that they are planning on developing something similar for their program. In addition, Ms. Llamas has been elected to the Lead2Feed Educator Advisory Board and serves to inspire schools around the country to make a difference as we have here.


From March 20th-27th,Harbouring Hope for Hunger held Hunger Awareness Week. The action packed schedule for the week included speakers from the Maryland Food Bank, Bea Gaddy Center, Meals on Wheels of Central Maryand, A Movable Feast and Maryland Hunger Solutions. They have even teamed up with Golden Ring Middle School to do a food drive for the Maryland Food Bank! Throughout the week, our teachers taught cross-curricular hunger/nutrition themed lessons. Our students have been reaching out world wide to spread the word on finding solutions to end hunger and they are educating other kids all over Maryland and beyond. They wrote letters to heads of state around the world and even received a letter back from the Prime Minister of Denmark.


The group developed a “What Can I Do?” resource booklet to send to other schools. These booklets are location specific to each school with statistics of hunger in their respective area and places for students to volunteer local to them. These booklets will be sent out to other schools worldwide. The even designed a board game and a comic strip(see attached) based on hunger and nutrition for elementary and middle school age kids.


They even made the game pieces on our very own 3D printer. The games were sent other schools in Norway, Japan, Denmark, France and Israel! As if that wasn’t enough, Harbouring Hope for Hunger will have its own curriculum aligned with Common Core standards. Teachers from all over will be able to teach the curriculum and Harbour students will visit other school to help get the curriculum out.


Each student took this pledge; you can take it too! “As an intelligent, motivated and caring member of Harbouring Hope for Hunger, I pledge to volunteer my time and talents to fight hunger in my community.” All of this hard work has paid off in a huge way! The Harbouring Hope for Hunger team is AGAIN the winner of the nationwide Lead2Feed contest. They will proudly present $25,000 to Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland and they won $20,000 in Apple technology for the Baltimore Campus! Way to go Harbouring Hope! We can’t wait to see you have in store for next year! Could they possibly top the 4089 service learning hours that were accomplished this year?


PHILLIPS Programs for Children and Families
Contact: Piper Phillips
Address: 7010 Braddock Road Annandale, Virginia 22003
Phone: 703-941-8810
Web address: www.phillipsprograms.org


Trudy Bell Named a Washington Post Principal of Excellence

2015 award winners honored as leaders with vision and a plan

The Washington Post newspaper has honored the Washington region's principals with the Distinguished Educational Leadership Awards for decades, recognizing those who go beyond the day-to-day demands of their position to create an exceptional educational environment. Ms. Trudy Bell, Program Director, Phillips Programs for Children and Families ~ Annandale, is a recipient of this prestigious award. Bell has been an integral part of Phillips for 42 years, the past 20 in her role as Program Director. Phillips is a unique educational setting, serving special education students ages 6-21.


Phillips' students have significant learning and emotional challenges and school has often been a place of repeated failure and frustration for the children and their families. Children and families thrive at Phillips thanks to a highly specialized team of faculty and staff who provide highly individualized learning environments, small classes and multidisciplinary faculty and teams; tailored programs to fit the needs of each child; strong emphasis on academic, social and career skills, and on partnering with families; and individualized and integrated related services including counseling and speech, occupational and physical therapy as needed.


"It takes a creative approach to develop highly customized programs for children with unique needs, a creative thinker who is willing to try something different. Trudy is such a person, thoughtful and compassionate but driven to foster success. She collaborates with many - parents, public school representatives, the kids themselves and pulls from her wealth of experience to create a program that fits the child's very specific individual needs. She serves as a role model to other staff who in turn work together creatively to determine the needs of each youth," extolled Piper Phillips Caswell, CEO, Phillips Programs.


Dr. Howard O. Johnson, Program Manager, Multi-Agency Services in the Department of Special Services, Fairfax County Public Schools has worked with Bell for 16 and a half years. In her letter of support she wrote, "Her worksite is a school which specializes in programming for some of the emotionally and learning challenged students: students who are highly aggressive and assaultive; those who have Autism and other disabilities. Yet, I have never witnessed a more loving professional who stays the course throughout the day, consulting with her staff, advising and providing direction to even the most difficult scenarios. She has never forgotten to remain child-centered, child and family focused."


Elena and Russell James, parents of a 2014 Phillips Programs graduate, supported Bell's nomination. They shared that they brought their son to Phillips "a last resort, a last resort which turned out to be an oasis of opportunity" for their son. And they credit his success with Trudy Bell's leadership. "Trudy was present when we first went to visit Phillips. When I say present, she wasn't just there, she was fully engaged and interested in learning about our son and his needs. Throughout our five years working with Phillips Programs, Trudy was with us for the entire journey - right up to one of the happiest days in my family's history - graduation day.


Stacie Thompson, M.Ed., recapitulated Bell's leadership, "Summoning the words of John Quincy Adams, Trudy's actions inspire others, students, families and staff, to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. She is a leader. ... I, myself, often think, "How would Trudy respond to this?" when handling a situation." A sentiment echoed by the staff at Phillips is that the very same compassion Bell displays to the children at Phillips is also available to all staff. Thompson shared, "Our setting is very challenging, our students are very complicated, and if our staff are not taken care of, the turnover would be astronomical. The fact that we have such little turnover in such a setting, is directly related to Trudy's leadership style."


About Phillips Programs for Children and Families: Phillips is state approved to serve students from over 50 jurisdictions with Specific Learning Disability, Emotional Disability, Autism, Intellectual Disability, Health and Other Disability. Students benefit from programs customized to meet their specific needs and a variety of critical program features. At Phillips we partner with parents, school systems, social service agencies and the community so that we can tailor our services to meet a child's individual needs. We deliver these through three key programs: PHILLIPS Family Partners (delivering comprehensive, evidence-based treatment programs and outpatient services), Special Education Day Schools (offering special education at our two non-public non-profit day schools in Annandale, VA and Laurel, MD), and PHILLIPS Building Futures (providing intensive hands on career training and the opportunity to attend school in a non-traditional manner).


The Monarch School at The Monarch Institute
Contact: Russell Hubbard
Address: 2815 Rosefield Dr. Houston, TX 77080
Phone: 713-479-0800
Web address: www.monarchschool.org or www.monarchinstitute.org


The Monarch School received two environmental awards and was featured in the Houston Chronicle and Houston Community Newspapers. The Monarch Institute was named a finalist in the nonprofit category of the 2015 ULI Development of Distinction Awards and was named People’s Choice award winner.


The Urban Land Institute recognized The Monarch Institute home of The Monarch School as a standout project finalist in the nonprofit category of the 2015 ULI Development of Distinction Awards in Houston. The awards program recognizes developments that exemplify best practices in design, construction, economic viability, community health, marketing and management


To be a finalist, the project needed to be nominated, then a panel of local experts selected the best of the categories, for profit, nonprofit and heritage. Judges from outside of Texas then tour the projects and select the winners.


Houston Chronicle

2015 Urban Land Institute (ULI) Award Finalist and People's Choice Award

ULI recognizes Houston's standout projects for 2015

Beauty's just the start: Urban planning group recognizes Houston area's standout projects

Monarch Institute wins People's Choice in design competition

In addition The Monarch School received Best of Green Schools 2014 -- K12 School or Campus honor from The Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The Best of Green Schools list recognizes individuals, schools and communities making big strides toward the realization of healthier, more efficient schools for all students. The campus features three LEED® Gold certified buildings and a Living Building Challenge Studio Classroom. The Monarch School's Living Building Challenge Studio Classroom is the first project in Texas built to meet the requirements of the Living Building Challenge (LBC). To date, there are only five certified Living Buildings in the entire world. The Monarch School's 1,120 square foot free-standing multi-purpose studio serves as an outdoor living classroom in which the student's day-to-day interactive decision making will help the building achieve net zero energy and water performance.


Houston Community Newspapers-Memorial Examiner

Monarch School leads in sustainability, community outreach

Best of Green Schools 2014 --The Center for Green Schools

Chapel Hill Academy
Address: 31 Chapel Hill Road Lincoln Park, NJ 07035
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3D Design Digital Engineering Class

Chapel Hill Academy is excited to bring our students fully into the digital age with the introduction of a new 3D Design/Digital Engineering curriculum for our high school students. CHA’s 3D Design/Digital Engineering course is a hands-on, project-based course wherein students will be able to design and fabricate 3-D objects using computer-aided design (CAD) software and 3D printers.


Our students now have the ability to take a concept from paper to 3-D in just a few hours. They begin by conceptualizing a design on paper. Utilizing this two-dimensional design, student’s can use CAD software to create a three-dimensional rendering or mesh. Just a year ago this paper rendering would have been the finished project. Today, the 3-D printer allows our students to print an actual physical manifestation of their ideas.


Through this course, students are learning the fundamentals of design and engineering in a fully multi-sensory setting. Prototypes can be created, tested and revised to create a flawless finished product. For their introductory project, students created 3-Dimensional likenesses of real people and will soon be designing the parts to assemble simple machines and rockets which will be utilized for cross-curricular art/science/technology instruction.


The technology and skill set have countless real world applications, from architecture to manufacturing to even medicine. We are proud to have the technology and instructors to plant the seeds of inspiration in our students, who will become the designers and engineers of the future.


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