What Is CASA?


CASA is an association affiliate of NAPSEC. The Council is a group of State associations who represent private special education programs in their State. CASA provides information to its members on State issues and advocates for individuals with disabilities and their families being served by private special education programs in their state. CASA associations develop State public policy and represent private special education program members at the State level.

CASA provides support and assistance to States wishing to start State associations and assists State associations to better enable them to support the availability and accessibility of private special education services for individuals with disabilities. CASA serves State associations through improved advocacy, public policy development, legislative expertise, and association management skills. CASA members also provide direction to NAPSEC regarding how Federal legislative and policy issues affects their membership.

CASA Members



California Alliance of Children and Family Services

Association Office
Danielle Molé, Education Committee Representative
2210 K Street
Sacramento, CA 95816
Phone: (916) 449-2273, Fax: (916) 449-2294

Online Placement Matching System go to www.cacfs.org/vacancies

Association Focus
The California Alliance is a statewide association  of private nonprofit child and family serving agencies committed to providing the highest quality of services in the most caring and effective fashion. Formed on January 1, 2000, through the merger of the CA Association of Services for Children, and the CA Association of Children's Homes, the Alliance and the parent associations have a combined history of more than 60 years of advocacy on behalf of California's most vulnerable children and families and the organizations that serve them.

Membership Benefits and Services
The CA Alliance provides legislative and regulatory advocacy on behalf of our member agencies regarding a wide range of key policy issues. The Alliance represents member agencies to the: Office of the Governor, State Legislature, Health and Human Services Agency, Department of Finance, Department of Mental Health, Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division, and Department of Education.

The Alliance also provides interfacing with state agencies to get questions answered and problems resolved, offers three annual membership conferences for executives that offer Group Home Administration and professional CEUs with no registration fee, reduced rates at practitioner training seminars and conferences, agency inclusion in the Member Directory of Services, posted on-line and distributed to placing agencies statewide, and provides weekly Monday Morning Updates keeping member agencies abreast of current trends and policy developments.

Membership Procedures and Requirements 
Must be child and family serving organizations with programs and services in the areas of child welfare, juvenile justice, special education or children's mental health, have as a primary agency, a not-for-profit, public benefit corporation designated by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization, meet Alliance or national accreditation standards, participate on the Board or on business and program committees, and remain current in their dues responsibility.

Online Placement Matching System at www.cacfs.org/vacancies

California Association of Private Special Education Services

Association Office
Ryan Eisenberg
921 11th Street, Suite 501
Sacramento, CA 95815
Phone: (916) 447-7061

Association Focus
Incorporated in 1973 as a California non-profit corporation, CAPSES' primary mission is to promote the delivery of quality special education and services in both non-public and public sectors of education. Focusing on the need for private schools and agencies to be heard, as well as the challenge of assisting parents in their search for appropriate special education alternatives, CAPSES pushes forward to create a structure that would grow into the statewide, private, nonprofit professional association and exists today.

Membership Benefits and Services
CAPSES  provides Public Policy Seminars, Annual Conferences, Technical Assistance, Preferred Partner Program/Member Discounts, and Regional Networking.

CAPSES also provides Affiliate, Vendor, Individual and Student memberships.

Membership Procedures and Requirements
 Contact the CAPSES Office at 916-447-7061 or via email at director@capses.com



Illinois Association of Private Special Education Centers - (IAPSEC)

Association Office
Tom Dempsey
909East Wilmette Road, Suite F
Palatine, IL  60074
Phone: (847) 359-8300, Fax: (847) 359-8301

Association Focus
Management training, staff training, legal issues/monitoring and development, skills and knowledge/dissemination and training, and current issues/position papers.

Membership Benefits and Services
IAPSEC is the formal vehicle for dissemination of information and development of group position statements. Holds annual conference and several seminars through the year. IAPSEC was established in 1986.

Membership Procedures and Requirements
IAPSEC membership form is developed and available. IAPSEC by-laws are printed and available. Members agree to accept by-laws and pay annual membership fee based on the programs budget. IAPSEC has 63 members.



Maryland Association of Nonpublic Special Education Facilities - (MANSEF)

Association Office
Dorie Flynn
P.O. Box 6815
6501 North Charles Street
Towson, MD 21285-6815
Phone: (410) 938-4413, Fax: (410) 938-5130
Email: mansef@aol.com - Web Site: www.mansef.org

Association Focus
The Maryland Association of Nonpublic Special Education Facilities (MANSEF) is nonprofit organization of private special education facilities approved by the Maryland State Department of Education and created to promote quality services for children and youth with disabilities. They serve more than 4000 students between birth and 21 years of age.

MANSEF is committed to creating optimum educational opportunities in the least restrictive environment for all Maryland children and youth with disabilities. MANSEF unites a diverse community of educators, professionals, and parents into an accessible, visible, and effective organization that champions the continuum of services for special needs children and adolescents in Maryland.

Membership Benefits and Services
Legislative, Technical Assistance, Marketing, access to state data, local school system referrals, analysis of regulators. MANSEF has 45 members.

Membership Procedures and Requirements
Affiliate, Associate and Full Voting. Must support mission of MANSEF and if operating a school, the school much be approved by Maryland State Department of Education. Dues are based on the number of students served. Dues range from $1,050 to $20,000.



Massachusetts Association of 766 Approved Private Schools - (MAAPS)

Association Office
Elizabeth Dello Russo Becker
607 North Avenue, 15 Lakeside Office Park
Wakefield, MA 01880
Phone: (781) 245-1220, Fax: (781) 245-5294
Email: ebecker@maaps.org   - Web Site: www.maaps.org

Association Focus
The Massachusetts Association of Chapter 766 Approved Private Schools’ mission is to advance the delivery of the most effective services to children, adolescents and young adults with special needs by promoting administratively and programmatically sound and economically viable providers of quality education, care and treatment.

To fulfill this mission, MAAPS advocates to improve the environment in which Chapter 766 approved private schools work and helps them manage more effectively by offering information, training, and consulting.

92 parent organizations of Chapter 766 approved private special education schools are members of MAAPS and receive discounts on MAAPS activities and publications, access to cost-saving programs, and regular communications on issues and trends that affect special education schools.

Membership Benefits and Services
Advocacy, Legal, Legislative, Technical Assistance, Information, Leadership Opportunities, Marketing, Professional Development and Cost Saving Programs.

Membership Procedures and Requirements
* Regular- MAAPS membership for the parent organizations of Chapter 766 approved private special education schools.
* Affiliate- MAAPS membership category for non Chapter 766 special education schools in New England.
* Associate- MAAPS membership category for organizations and companies such as consulting, training, accounting and law firms that provide professional services, goods and supplies that strengthen private special education schools.



ASAH... Serving the Private Special Education Community Since 1974

Association Office
Gerard M. Thiers
Lexington Square Commons
2125 Route 33
Hamilton Square, NJ 08690
Phone: (609) 890-1400, Fax: (609) 890-8860
Email: info@asah.org  - Web Site: www.asah.org

Association Focus
Special education laws, rules, policies, and funding; advocacy for special education students and their families; best practice, private school management, and education.

Membership Benefits and Services 
Voice for private schools on special education issues; monthly update of Department of Education and government activities through membership mailings; bi-monthly sharing of ideas and concerns; service on behalf of individual schools; information referral service; newsletter publication Promising Futures: INSIDE ASAH, a journal about special education, the association newsletter INSIDE ASAH, and Parents Connection; annual conference with workshops and seminars on special education issues; representation on Commissioner's Advisory Council for Special Education and Nonpublic School Advisory Committee; and health and liability group insurance programs.

Creates the Professional Development Plan used by participating Private Schools and approved by the New Jersey Department of Education.

Membership Procedures and Requirements 
Three letters of recommendation (one from a current member) submitted with application.



Virginia Association of Independent Specialized Education Facilities- (VAISEF)

Association Office
William P. Elwood, Executive Director
Matthew P. Stanley, Associate Executive Director
823 East Main Street, Suite 1300,  Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: (804) 643-2776 Fax: (866) 232-0034
Email: kids@vaisef.org - Web Site: www.vaisef.org 

Association Focus
VAISEF is an association of Virginia private providers of specialized education and services for children and youth with special needs, and their families.

Membership Benefits and Services
The VAISEF mission is to enhance the capabilities of its members to provide quality specialized education and services by offering an accreditation process and by providing information, training, and networking opportunities; and to increase opportunities for members to provide services by advocating for a full continuum of services and by advocating for an increased role of the private sector, and by networking with state and local agencies.

Membership Procedures and Requirements
To apply for membership into VAISEF, complete an application along with the $100 application fee. Upon receipt, it will be reviewed by the Membership Committee and then passed on to the VAISEF Board of Directors for final approval. From the date of submission of the application to final approval by the Board of Directors usually takes 60 to 90 days. To be considered for accreditation, a program must be a member of VAISEF, and have been in operation and licensed by the Department of Education for at least one year and hold a one year renewable DOE license. Potential members are welcome to apply for Membership and Accreditation simultaneously. In that situation, Membership will be approved first and then the Accreditation process will take place subsequently. For more information, please see the VAISEF website.



DC Association for Special Education - (DCASE)

Association Office
Molly Whalen
5000 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20011
Phone: (202)615-3070
Email: mwhalen@dcase.org - Web Site:  www.dcase.org

Association Focus
DCASE is an alliance of nonpublic schools, charter schools and affiliates that provide special education services to students from the District of Columbia. The Association’s focus is public policy, best practice, strong special education organizations and a robust, accessible educational continuum for District students with special needs.

The DCASE vision is to fulfill the promise of a quality education for all children.

Membership Benefits and Services
The DCASE mission is to support members in helping students with special needs succeed. We do this through advocacy, special education resources, and strong partnerships that provide support to children, families and schools.

  • Legislative, regulatory & administrative monitoring and analysis
  • Partnerships with Washington DC's public and private stakeholders, focused on systemic special education capacity-building and service improvement.
  • Technical assistance, marketing support and service provision opportunities to member schools and affiliates.
  • Assistance for individual families to obtain appropriate educational services for their children.

Membership Procedures and Requirements
Voting membership is open to nonpublic schools and public charter schools that support DCASE’s mission and accept and adhere to the DCASE statement of ethical practice.
Affiliate membership is open to individuals and organizations that support DCASE’s vision and whose activities do not conflict in any way with the mission of DCASE.
Applications are required for all prospective members, along with recommendations by current DCASE members.  Dues are based on enrollment for school members and a flat fee for affiliates, and range from $500 to $4500.