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How To Use

Click on Write Your Legislators

Fill in Your Information
Your Congressional Members will be shown. This tells you who your communication will be sent to.

Save Your Information
This will allow you to come on next time and put in your name and it will automatically come up!

Once your information is in, you will see your Senators & Representative pictured on the right with the message.

Hit preview to see how the message will look when delivered to your Congressional Members.                             

Then hit Send!

To send emails on more than one of the issues, click on Home at the top of the form and start the process again.


NAPSEC knows how busy your are, hopefully this will be a quick and easy way to keep up on the issues and communicate with your Congressional members.

Please share the password with your staff so we can get as many people to contact Congress as possible! The password is dcnap.


Email Your Congressional Representatives!