Cullari Carrico, LLC

55 Lane Road, Suite 300
Fairfield, NJ 07004
Phone: 973-406-3955

Representative: Jason Cullari

Organization Description:
Cullari Carrico, LLC is a leader in servicing New Jersey Department of Education approved Private Schools for Students with Disabilities ("PSSD"). In serving PSSDs for over 20 years, our staff is knowledgeable in the complex compliance requirements and interpretations of the New Jersey Administrate Code ("NJAC"). For PSSDs, less accounting headaches means more time to do what you do best; educating and helping students.

Services Offered
Our services include auditing, consultation, back office support (CFO/controller services), and preparation of the organizations IRS form 990.


E Rate Solutions Group

11 Hillcrest Drive
Colts Neck, NJ 07722
Phone: 888-429-4932

Representative: Joseph Weiss

Organization Description:
E Rate Solutions Group is a Team of effective telecommunication and regulatory consultants with a particular focus on helping schools qualify for E Rate funds.

Services Offered:
E Rate Solutions Group incorporates their experience in Communication Services, Information Technology, Telecommunications Equipment and Regulatory Programs to assist Schools in the acquisitions of the most efficient and cost effective communication solutions available, bringing the financial advantages of the E Rate program to our clients.


Good Harbor Partners

281 Summer Street 2nd Floor
Boston, MA 02110
Phone: 617-823-9303

Representative: Mark Miller

Organization Description:
Strategy, growth, mergers and acquisitions


Light The Music

1717 Cary Street

Richmond, VA, 23223

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Representative: Craig Honeycutt, (434) 227-0482

Organization Description:

Light the Music is an EdTech company that provides Music Education for Special Needs Centers and Programs. Our platform consists of a 1-Touch Visual Music app, app content, curricula, and exercises for

learning, development, and enrichment.


Paradigm Pioneers, Inc.

PO Box 2180
Flemington, NJ 08822
Phone: 800-774-0905

Representative: Steve Nuesch, Chief Information Officer

Organization Description:
Leading the way with outstanding solutions to ensure database, computer networks, email and web are always secure, up and running. Paradigm Pioneers, Inc. benefits over 40 Special Education clients.

Services Offered:
Paradigm Pioneers, Inc. has developed a highly-acclaimed, customized database for Special Education Schools. We provide Hosted Exchange 2010 Email with Anti-Spam Junkmail Summary. Automated PC Management via Web Dashboard and more.


Proficio Consulting Group

PO Box 6358
River Forrest, IL 60305
Phone:  708/299-4991

Representative: Paul Nijensohn, Heather Zeman

Founded in 2013, Proficio Consulting Group is a one-of-a-kind resource focused on special education programs. Proficio is comprised of full-time Partners and on-call Associates in order to satisfy a diverse range of client needs and requests. Our collective experiences allow us to recognize and understand the intricacies of everyday responsibilities in a variety of school settings. We believe in utilizing a collaborative efficiency model to provide foundational support in achieving outcomes.

Proficio is a collection of specialists that evaluate the effectiveness of special education programs across all school settings. This may include public school districts, charter schools, parochial schools, and private special education environments. We provide comprehensive evaluations and recommendations for improvement in the areas of compliance and cutting-edge best practices. We work with administration and direct care staff to help schools meet the ever-changing expectations of stakeholders (federal regulation, state regulation, families, etc…) and to maximize the independence and success of all students. Proficio works to enhance your existing resources and, through the identification of key strengths and challenges, evolve your program to achieve your school’s outcomes.

We provide customized services to the specific needs to each client. Every contract created falls under the umbrella of achieving school-wide goals that maximize student success. Through consultation and support services, we advocate for your program so you can advocate for your students.

Our Services
Program Evaluations
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Policy/procedure reviews
  • Assess current programming for best practices
  • Classroom instructional strategies
  • Behavior management
  • Culture/climate
  • Student outcomes
  • IEP implementation
  • Data

Guidance on Program Enhancements
  • Expansion of program options
  • Service additions

  • Initial applications
  • Renewal applications
  • Visit preparations

Professional Development
  • IEP compliance
  • Curriculum
  • Technology
  • Rules and regulations
  • Positive behavior supports
  • Social-emotional learning

Data Analysis
  • Strategic analysis of data for Program/Agency decision-making
  • Creation/integration of data collection systems

Access to large network of information, professionals, and resources

On-call consultation


The Tarpey Group, Inc.

310 Passaic Avenue 
Fairfield, NJ 07004
Phone:  (973) 244-6080
or (888) 389-7346       
Representative: Brian Tarpey
Organization Description:
The Tarpey Group is an employee benefits and insurance firm dedicated to serving private special education schools. The Tarpey Group's innovative solutions provide high quality and cost-effective employee benefits, human resources consultation services and access to Medicare programs.


TechXtend Education Solutions / robots4Autism

4 Industrial Way West

Eatontown, NJ   07724

Phone:  (732) 678-6656 
Representative: Kevin Askew
Organization Description:
TechXtend Education Solutions focuses on a portfolio of impact technologies in the education market that empowers, impacts and protects. The centerpiece of that portfolio is our relationship with Milo and robots4Autism.

TechXtend/robots4Autism’s mission is to deliver cost-effective and inclusive education for all. Robokind has developed robots4autism and Milo, the most advanced, facially expressive humanoid robot, who has proven effectiveness in engaging learners with ASD at 80% as opposed to the 3% for traditional therapy. Milo never gets tired, never gets frustrated, and is always consistent. His friendly demeanor and patience encourage learners with ASD to step out of their shell and gives them the courage to interact with their environment.

TechXtend Education Solutions is excited to bring Milo and the robots4Autism program to individuals that NAPSEC's members serve.